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Supadio International Airport
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Supadio International Airport

Supadio International Airport (UK: Supadio International Airport) (IATA: PNK, ICAO: WIOO), formerly called Sei Durian Airport or Sungai Durian Airport, is an international airport located in Kubu Raya District, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The distance from the city of Pontianak is 17 km south. This airport is managed by PT. Angkasa Pura II. The area of ​​Supadio International Airport is 528 ha.

The airport was originally built in the early 1940s as Sungai Durian Airport. In the 1980s, the airport was renamed Supadio Airport. Since 1989, international routes have been opened from Supadio Airport to Kuching International Airport.

Supadio International Airport already has a new terminal building with a runway that is longer and wider, to become a world-class airport. In 2012 a tender for coating of 2,250 meters of runway was carried out and in early 2013 the coating will be carried out. The multi-year project to expand the runway to 2,500 meters also began in 2013. Previously, in 2010-2011 the runway had been widened from 30 meters to 45 meters and the addition of a new runway with a length of 3,500 meters x 60 meters.


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