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Latest news about PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero)

Many Innovate, Angkasa Pura Appreciated by DPD

02 Oct 2018

Jakarta - Committee II DPD RI appreciates innovation from Angkasa Pura which continues to develop and update airports, both in facilities, system digitalization, service improvement, and environmentally friendly airport development. The DPD also asked Angkasa Pura to continue innovating at all airports in the country.

"We appreciate the performance of Angkasa Pura, how the progress has been achieved, but we want them to continue to innovate. Especially developing and building airports in the region. This is important to support the operation of transportation activities in the region and support economic development in all fields, "said Committee II Chairman Aji Mirza Wardana in a written statement on Tuesday (10/02/2018).

When visiting PT Angkasa Pura II Office in Tangerang Banten, Mirza did not forget to ask that the airport management not only focus on Soetta Airport, but also other airports.

While the Director of Angkasa Pura II Services and Facilities Ituk Herarindri explained that the increase in service in 15 western airports which became the operational area of ​​Angkasa Pura II continued to be accelerated. He mentioned that Angkasa Pura is working on making all airports have a good level of save / secure capability.

"We (Angkasa Pura) are not only companies that are concerned with financial benefits, but also as an agent of development. We strive to obey the government's orders to participate in building, managing transparency and seeking all airports to have a high level of security and comfort," Ituk said.

Furthermore, Ituk said that those who judge are not Angkasa Pura but consumers and international assessment bodies. Currently Angkasa Pura is also developing and revitalizing the terminal 1 and 2 of the 34-year-old Soetta Airport to be further beautified.

On the other hand, the Sudirman Aceh Senator reminded Angkasa Pura of the importance of airport service and comfort, especially in the area. He regretted that there were still a handful of individuals who practiced extortion against passengers through purchasing insurance tickets.

"In Aceh, I still find coercion to buy a kind of safety insurance ticket for passengers who will board the plane. This is very unfortunate and should be a concern, because the insurance is included in the ticket price. I request immediate action because I still get reports from society, "he stressed.

In line with that, several Senators also revealed that there were still a number of monopolistic practices in transportation in the airport environment. Even for the Soetta class airport, it did not escape the practice.

"I also ask Angkasa Pura to take action against the airport transportation operator, because there are still many who arbitrarily charge without the meter. I think passengers will be very disadvantaged," demanded Senator Ahmad Nawardi.

"It is undeniable that the airport is the gateway for a region, therefore Angkasa Pura must continue to improve services for the community. With good service, the community will also evaluate it well," continued Senator Charles Simaremare.

Also present at the occasion were Deputy Chairperson of the Republic of Indonesia Committee II DPD Parlindungan Purba, Anang Prihantono, Mamberop Y. Rumakiek, Denty Eka Widi Pratiwi, Haripinto Tanuwidjaja, Ahmad Nawardi, Ahmad Kanedi, Bahar Buasan, Asmawati, Habib Ali Alwi, Sudirman and Rahmijati Jahja .


Author: Rizki Ati Hulwa