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  • This is the strategy for passengers and airlines to fly from Kertajati Airport


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This is the strategy for passengers and airlines to fly from Kertajati Airport

02 Nov 2018

KERTAJATI - West Java International Airport (BIJB) or known as Kertajati Airport has a precise strategy so that the largest international scale airport after the inauguration of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on May 24, 2018 is crowded with passengers and airlines.

Director of Operations and Business Development of PT BIJB Agus Sugeng Widodo said, since the operation of Kertajati Airport since 6 months ago, it offered to several airlines and associations so that passengers would board a flight from Kertajati Airport.

"So far Citilink has flown, we also have direct Umrah flights. There are also airlines that want to, but are shy," he said at Kertajati Airport on Friday (2/4/2018).

According to him, currently one of the problems of Kertajati Airport is connectivity. Because it is far enough if the people of Bandung want to fly from Kertajati Airport. At least it must pass the toll road from Cipularang Toll through Palimanan Toll Road.

"But we also have cooperation with other transportation companies such as Damri. It's like chicken and eggs," he said.

He added, to break the egg of the lonely problem of Kertajati Airport is to provide incentives to airlines or free of charge in the first year

"Like parking fees. Promotional opportunities work together. Likewise the tenants who want to enter, we discount the rent. Then we reduce revenue sharing," he explained.

In addition, it will cooperate with stakeholders such as with associations such as ASITA. "In order for passengers to have a lot of cooperation with the district government, this airport is very supportive of economic growth," he added.

Not only that, the Kertajati Airport also built an event with several communities so that people were increasingly interested in Kertajati Airport. "So that the people know. Sometimes every evening people come to take pictures here," he said.

However, if this effort is made and the problem is resolved, then this Airport will become the mainstay airport of the West Java community.

"The problem is that the new toll road has not yet been established. In addition, the airport in Bandung has not been closed. When it is closed, the problem is solved. The airport is new, the first new and immediately built this big. Not a transfer airport. Our problem is socialization," he said.

Journalist: Dani Jumadil Akhir