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  • Look at the appearance of the Adi Soemarmo Airport Train Station


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Look at the appearance of the Adi Soemarmo Airport Train Station

05 Dec 2018 - The construction of the Adi Soemarmo Solo International Airport Railway Station has been completed some time ago. The two-story building is ready to operate connected to the railway line to Solo Balapan Station to Yogyakarta.

General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I Adi Soemarmo International Airport, Abdullah Usman, said that the operation of the airport station was still awaiting trajectory carried out by the Railway Engineering Office.

"The airport train station construction project has been completed 100 percent. It is ready to be operated, we are just waiting for the crossing," Usman said on Wednesday (5/12).

Usman added, while waiting for the crossing, his side still had to make improvements and maintenance for the next 5 months. Regarding land acquisition within the Indonesian Air Force in the airport area, Usman claimed to have found no obstacles.

"There is no problem, it is finished. Until now the process of building the pile has been done," he said.

Adi Sumarmo Airport Train Station is built on two floors. On the first floor it functions as a waiting room, boarding pass, platform, elevator and others. While on the second floor, the train departures are used. The building is also equipped with escalators and facilities for disabled people.

Contacted separately, the Head of Sub-Directorate of Regional Infrastructure I, Directorate General of Railways, Ministry of Transportation, Bram Hertasning said that the progress of the construction of the Solo Airport Railway crossing is still considered to be in line with the track. The land acquisition process is targeted to be completed by the end of this year. While for the physical development of the line used it is targeted to be completed in March 2019.

"The progress is still on track. We are also building a waiting room at Solo Balapan Station and building a new station in Kadipiro. The target is that in May next year the Airport Train will be operational.

Reporter: Arie Sunaryo