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  • Environmental Action, Soetta Airport Share 2,019 Fruit Tree Seeds


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Environmental Action, Soetta Airport Share 2,019 Fruit Tree Seeds

10 Jan 2019

TANGERANG - The manager of Soekarno-Hatta (Soetta) International Airport, Tangerang, Banten, PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II distributed fruit tree seeds. This environmental action, in collaboration with AP II with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in commemorating a Million Tree Planting Day, which is often held every January 10.

Airport and Services Senior Manager of PT AP II Soetta Airport Sugeng Hariyadi said, there were at least 2,019 fruit trees distributed in this action. "Fruit plants distributed to Soetta Airport service users, there are 2,019 tree seedlings," Sugeng said, to Koran Sindo, at Terminal 1 of Soetta Airport, Tangerang, Thursday (01/10/2019).

Providing these tree seeds, as well as providing education to the public about the importance of greening to reduce global warming.

"The types of tree seedlings distributed are durian, rambutan, guava, petai, and others. The distribution is done simultaneously, in Terminals 1, 2 and 3. So the distribution is to the terminal. A day is over," he said.

In addition to distributing fruit tree seeds, AP II also makes keroncong music performances in Terminal 1. This local music performance is very entertaining for visitors.

Veron, one of the visitors to Soetta Airport who received fruit tree seeds, admitted that he was very surprised and pleased. According to him, Soetta Airport often gives surprises to its visitors.

"Incidentally in my house there are small gardens that can be used to plant trees. I will plant these tree seeds in my yard. This is a very good environmental action," he said.

The girl who came with her nyokap, just landed from the trip to Padang-Jakarta. According to him, the action for fruit tree seedlings is very good.

"Especially in the midst of global warming. This action is very good and must get support. I hope actions like this can be done more. Moreover, fruit tree seeds are very useful," he said.


Author: Hasan Kurniawan