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  • AP II Will Digitize All Check-in Processes Until Boarding at the Airport


Latest news about PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero)

AP II Will Digitize All Check-in Processes Until Boarding at the Airport

02 Apr 2019, SINGAPURA - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) will prepare seamless digital journey experience facilities for passengers at a number of airports it manages through the digitization process, such as those at terminal 4 of Singapore Changi Airport.

Yosrizal Syamsuri, PT Angkasa Pura II's Chief of Digital Business Project, said that with the seamless digital journey experience, passengers will be able to carry out the entire process, from check-in, luggage placement, to boarding, digitally, all of which can be done alone.

"We plan this year for all terminals 1,2 and 3 to be able to use the self boarding gate. Because there is already a drop in self check in and baggage, it is only equipped with a self boarding gate. Hopefully this year can be done, "he said when talking to Bisnis, last week.

Rizal said that before implementing the digital journey experience in all the airports it manages, AP II will first carry out a prototype at Banyuwangi Airport because it is considered quite representative even though it is a small airport.

Later, there will be a self check in, face biometric, self baggage drop, and self boarding through fingerprint and face scans so that passengers can immediately enter the plane without having to go through the ticket tearing process.

"That's one of the sameless passenger journey experiences that we want to develop. We will catalyze Banyuwangi and become a prototype so that if it fails it can be repaired immediately, and if successful it will be developed elsewhere, "he said.

Through the digitization process, passengers will get a pleasant travel experience. In addition, this integrated system also aims to record all passenger data automatically which will be part of the big data for the company.

Prepare a budget of Rp500 billion

AP II is seriously developing digital transformation in a number of airports it manages by preparing a capital expenditure budget of Rp500 billion specifically prepared this year.

"Since a few years ago there were already but not specific ones, they were still deposited with branch units. Now from the management, it is said that if the intention is to digitize, there must be a specific budget capex for the soft infrastructure which is also for digitalization, "he said

Digital-based service products have been implemented in 15 airports managed by AP II since 2016 by launching various digital products, both in terms of service and airport operations.

Some of them have been owned including digital lounge, chat BOT, Indonesia Airports App, digital kiosk, e-payment, mobile check in, airport operational control center, and several other digital service products, including the immigration autogate system.


Author: Dewi Andriani