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  • Attending the Indonesia Investment Forum, Angkasa Pura II Agrees on Three Synergies


Latest news about PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero)

Attending the Indonesia Investment Forum, Angkasa Pura II Agrees on Three Synergies

12 Oct 2018

Bali - PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) signed a memorandum of understanding (Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three agencies as well as in the framework of developing airports managed by Angkasa Pura II.

In the Indonesia Investment Forum (IIF) event which was also attended by a number of BUMNs, Angkasa Pura II was represented by the President Director of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Commercial and Business Development Director, and Director of Finance, Angkasa Pura II committed to collaborating with PT Telekomunikasi Selular, PT Danareksa Sekuritas, and PT LEN Industri (Persero).

The MoUs that have been signed cover several things including digital e-payment transaction services that will be developed by Telkomsel, strategic partnerships that will be bridged by Danareksa in the framework of joint management and investment at Kualanamu International Airport, and operation and maintenance of the Automated People Mover System, better known as the Skytrain with LEN.

President Director of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Muhammad Awaluddin explained that Angkasa Pura II and the three companies would collaborate in carrying out the development of a number of projects found in Angkasa Pura II so that the acceleration of airport development would be more optimal.

Related to the cooperation that will be carried out with Telkomsel, Awal said that this collaboration is a joint marketing synergy, with the main priority being the development of community programs. Awaluddin said, "The focus of Angkasa Pura II is to run the Airport Digital Business concept in which there are five portfolios, including big data airport, airport e-payment, airport e-advertising, airport e-commerce, and airport community. We see the synergy Telkomsel is large, so the digitalisation concept that we will develop can be implemented together optimally ".

The scope of the cooperation to be developed with Telkomsel includes telecommunication and digital-based payment services such as danta package services and e-payment systems in the airport managed by AP II, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and my business solution services.

Telkomsel President Director, Ririek Adriansyah explained that through this partnership, Telkomsel and AP II will provide digital-based services to the elements of the airport community. Ririek said, "This digital-based service will be prepared for the three elements of the airport community, including passengers, visitors and airport workers. The products we will deliver will provide convenience for the entire airport community so that they will be more comfortable at the airport".

On the same occasion, Awal also explained that Angkasa Pura II has opened opportunities for agencies interested in collaborating in joint strategic management and investment partnerships at Kualanamu International Airport. In this case Danareksa Sekuritas is believed to be a companion partner in the strategic partnership bidding process.

Awaludin explained, "Kualanamu International Airport is the fourth largest commercial airport in Indonesia. Supported by promising economic potential and strategic geographical position, Kualanamu Airport has the potential to become the second international and domestic hub in Indonesia".

With an indicative investment value of US $ 500 million, Angkasa Pura II is optimistic that it can obtain competent business partners. Regarding the competency of prospective partners who will manage Kualanamu International Airport, Awaluddin has its own criteria and requirements. "Of course we have the main requirements for prospective partners who will develop Kualanamu Airport. What is clear is that they must be able and experienced in managing airports and increasing traffic, having knowledge of the operational and business aspects of airports, and having the ability to provide funding in the long term," Awaluddin explained

President Director of Danareksa Sekuritas, Jenpino Ngabdi said that this positive first step would be a stimulus for prospective Kualanamu International Airport investors. "With a capacity of 9 million passengers per year, of course this is a special attraction for Kualanamu. Besides the Government's support in developing infrastructure, the economic potential of North Sumatra is also a supporting factor that can attract investor interest. We are optimistic that funding and airport development Kualanamu International will have a positive impact on all parties in Kualanamu ", said Jenpino.

Currently Angkasa Pura II has formed a subsidiary under the name "Angkasa Pura Aviasi" to run the Strategic Partnership with new business partners to run a business collaboration in the management of Kualanamu International Airport.

Furthermore, the airport service side is also a special concern for Angkasa Pura II. Both services on the air side and on the land side have always been a major issue in maintaining customer satisfaction. With the signing of the MoU between Angkasa Pura II and PT LEN Industri (Persero), specifically the two parties will focus

in the operation and maintenance of the Automated People Mover System (APMS), better known as the Skytrain.

The mode of transportation that connects the terminals at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in the future will be managed by subsidiaries from both parties by conducting joint operations (KSO), namely PT Angkasa Pura Propertindo (APP) and PT Len Railway Systems (LRS).

Mentioned about the synergy of Angkasa Pura II with LEN, Awaluddin said that the synergy was aimed at maintaining the effectiveness and optimization of skytrain services and maximizing the operation and maintenance of transportation modes in the ecosystem of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Awaluddin said, "The purpose of this synergy is to maintain the effectiveness and timeliness of providing services to airport service users. Therefore, operation and maintenance need to be carried out by those who have sharper experience and understanding. For that we are synergizing with LEN".

In line with Awaluddin, President Director of PT LEN Industri (Persero), Zakky Gamal Yasin welcomed enthusiastically regarding the cooperation that will be carried out. "The most sophisticated mode of train-based transportation in Indonesia is in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport skytrain. After building this facility, the most important is the maintenance process. So this synergy is agreed upon which will be carried out by our subsidiary company. Hopefully this company can be a pioneer "development and maintenance of more advanced modes of transportation," Zakky concluded.

Skytrain is the most advanced train-based transportation mode that is operated automatically. Overall it is operated through digital data and monitored through an operation control center which will be operated without driver (driverless)