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Synergy of Angkasa Pura II with the Civil and Administrative Affairs of the Indonesian Prosecutor's Office in Facing Legal Problems

25 Sep 2018

Jakarta - In order to realize the vision of becoming "The Best Smart Connected Airport operator in the region", several efforts are needed especially to strengthen the performance of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) (AP II). Over time, the work of AP II has shown progress and rapid increase in business in the airport services business through the addition of various infrastructure facilities and improving the quality of services at the airports it manages. In order to further advance the company, AP II is required to keep abreast of developments in a very dynamic world economy, especially related to trade liberalization and globalization in various forums and international cooperation such as the World Trade Organization, ASEAN Free Trade Area, ASEAN Framework Agreement on Service, and economic cooperation regional for example the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Therefore, in carrying out its business activities, State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) must implement the principles of Good Corporate Governance ("GCG"). In implementing these principles, it is necessary to have an institution that can make a real contribution to AP II in terms of the law so that the implementation of its business activities can meet the principles of GCG.

AP II as one of the BUMN in the form of a Limited Liability Company engaged in the business of airport services and airport related services in the territory of West Indonesia anticipates this by cooperating with the Civil and State Administration of the Republic of Indonesia Attorney General's Office. The collaboration between the two agencies was realized through the signing of a Collective Agreement between the President Director of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Muhammad Awaluddin, with the Deputy Attorney General for Civil and State Administration (JAMDATUN), Loeke Larasati A., in Jakarta (Tuesday, 25 / 9).

The Joint Agreement is a concrete manifestation of Adhyaksa Corps's support for the implementation of AP II business activities which in addition to business aspects, are also required to manage the company based on the principles of Good Corporate Governance. "Legal assistance provided by the Civil Service and State Prosecutor's Office, especially to AP II, is in line with Presidential Instruction Number 1 of 2016 which mandates the Attorney General to provide legal assistance / consideration, which prioritizes prevention (preventive) to reduce irregularities, and vice versa increases compliance company on regulation, "said JAMDATUN.

As a BUMN that is trusted by the Government to manage 15 airports spread across various regions in Indonesia, AP II is also responsible for public services such as providing airport services and airport related services to remote, outermost, and disadvantaged areas. In carrying out their duties and business activities, AP II often faces legal problems. Therefore, the synergy with the Prosecutor's Office is expected to be able to overcome legal problems in the civil and state administration. "We hope this cooperation will greatly support AP II's business activities on a daily basis, especially in providing airport services and airport-related services," said Muhammad Awaluddin.

The Public Prosecutor's Civil and Administrative Sector can provide Legal Considerations in the form of Legal Opinion, Legal Assistance, and Legal Audit. Consideration is preventive in nature so that it is expected to reduce irregularities and increase compliance. In addition, the Civil Service and Administration Division of the Prosecutor's Office can provide Legal Assistance (non litigation and litigation) and Other Legal Actions in order to save and restore state finances. The two agencies also agreed to improve the technical competence of the parties through workshops (workshops), seminars, and socialization.