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No need to worry, airport helper is ready to help passenger comfort

18 Jun 2018

The work scope of airport helper officers in Terminal 1, 2, and 3 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) and at Husein sastranegara International Airport Bandung (BDO) is far different than before as a porter carrying luggage and passenger baggage.

Starting from September 2017, airport helper has implemented a service transformation. It appears that the field of work performed not only helps process passenger baggage, but also must help passengers with special needs, the elderly, and pregnant women. Even including helping the process of checking in underage passengers.

Furthermore, airport helper is always ready to help starting from passengers dropping luggage from private vehicles, then check-in process, to baggage collection process for passengers who have arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and * Husein sastranegara International Airport Bandung.

Facing the moment of Lebaran transportation, the airport helper has been prepared to provide optimal service to travelers who use airport services. No less than 538 airport helper has been prepared by Angkasa Pura II. They are scattered throughout the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Terminal and Bandung Husein sastranegara International Airport, placed at several drop points and pick up passengers.

President Director of Angkasa Pura II, Muhammad Awaluddin said, "We always carry out periodic evaluations regarding the service products we provide. Including airport helper services. Especially during this year's Hari Raya, we have deployed airport helper officers at each Soekarno-Hatta International Airport terminal and Husein sastranegara International Airport with details of 136 helper Terminal 1, 199 CGK Terminal 2 helper, 171 CGK Terminal 3 helper and BDO Terminal as many as 32 helper. The current number of officers is expected to be able to provide smooth flow of homecoming at the airport, "Awaluddin explained.

To further improve the performance of each airport helper, AP II also provided a special application to monitor performance on a field called OTHON (Operation Terminal Helper On Network). This application is used to evaluate and assess each airport helper on duty. In addition, through this OTHON application, airport helper supervisors can also identify passenger densities and find out location points that require airport helper service. This is able to provide work efficiency and accuracy of airport helper distribution in the field.

Awaluddin added, "This OTHON application is able to improve the performance of the airport operational team in monitoring airport helper. Not only does it function as an individual performance rating provider and find points that need to be guarded by helper, this application also functions as a list for helper absences when starting to finish working. For helper who performs well, there will certainly be appreciation from the company, "Awaluddin concluded.

The OTHON application platform in the future will also be used to evaluate other terminal services such as trolley collector services and also golf car assistant services which will also be developed to evaluate the performance of Aviation Security AP II. This is in line with the vision of AP II, namely to become "The Best Smart Connected Airport Operator in The Region".

This airport helper service will also be implemented throughout all AP II branches and will later be developed into integrated passenger service, namely pre-journey and post-journey. Later the airport helper will be divided into 2 categories namely "on request" and "without request". For the "on request" category the airport helper will be ordered from "Indonesia Airport Apps", so passengers can plan to be able to use this service before arriving at the airport. AP II will always innovate to continue to provide the best service for all customers at all AP II airports.