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  • Online taxis may be at Soetta Airport, these are the conditions


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Online taxis may be at Soetta Airport, these are the conditions

05 May 2017

The Ministry of Transportation is currently conducting a socialization of the Revision of the Minister of Transportation Regulation number 32 of 2016 concerning the implementation of Public Transport of Motorized Vehicles not on routes or taxis based online.

Nevertheless, PT Angkasa Pura II still prohibits online-based taxis from operating or transporting passengers from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Soetta). This prohibition applies until the online taxi provider has fulfilled the conditions set.

PT Angkasa Pura II Managing Director Muhammad Awaluddin stated, his party would follow the rules set by the regulator or the Ministry of Transportation. Online-based taxi providers are required to meet all the requirements set.

"It's still being socialized, we will follow it. So the principle is that we follow (follow) regulations. As long as the regulation says there are changes and then there will be adjusted rates including the requirements such as Kir test and car standards and others we follow all, "Awaluddin said when met at his office, Soetta Airport, Tangerang, Tuesday (4/4) yesterday.

As long as the provider has not met the requirements set by the Ministry of Transportation, Angkasa Pura II continues to prohibit online-based taxis from transporting passengers from Soetta Airport.

"Well, as long as it hasn't been socialized properly, we still apply the previous rules," Awaluddin said.

He claimed, he had met with taxi providers based online. But he requested that online-based transportation service providers first meet the requirements set by the government.

"So we still invite them (providers) to prepare (requirements) all of them. They have met us, but I suggest to prepare all the requirements, "he explained.

At present the government has set a regulation or tariff adjustment and is valid as of April 1, 2017.

"They don't do it, if they don't do it (tariff adjustment) at the airport, it means there is a difference. "If that happens (different tariffs), this is not good for other public transportation communities," he explained.

If an online taxi provider has fulfilled the requirements set by the government, online taxis can operate or transport passengers at the airport on the condition that they must cooperate with Angkasa Pura II.

"But if they are consistent, then we have tried it. Because they have to enter (operate) at the airport (Soetta), they have to work with us. There is currently no, "Awaluddin said. (RMT)